GENERATION WHO was established in 2007 with the current lineup of seasoned Vancouver musicians. The members of GEN WHO have played together on and off in various projects since 1986. They have a musical bond that crackles with intensity and has a sound that is unmistakeable. All of the band are true Who fans who have seen them in Concert multiple times and as luck would have it, some  have hung out with members of THE WHO on occasion and even played live with Who Lead Singer Roger Daltrey (see below).     Dave Curran aka “ALTER-DALTREY ” on lead vocalsAlter DaltreygenwhomIcswIng2Dave, pictured above chopping the air at BC Place, has mastered the lightning fast mic swings and power-moves of Roger Daltrey. A Veteran Cosmic Rocker, he has entertained thousands of people with his soulful vocals and high spirits. When”Alter” kicks in, the crowd roars. He sat in a private booth at the Hard Rock Cafe with John Entwistle and talked over drinks. Here is a link to a photo of Dave meeting Roger Daltrey after his appearance at the Commodore Ballroom.

Brad Tidswell aka “REPETE POUNDSEND” on Lead guitarRePetegenwhoactIonplaybrad REPETE channels the electric energy of a raw Who Show with windmills, jumps and shredding guitar solos. He sings lead on a few of Townsend‘s songs and plays through a vintage Hiwatt Amp from England, carefully replicating some of the Rock World’s most recognizable guitar riffs.


Gary Bulloch aka THE BULL-OX on Bass GuitarBULL-OXBull-Ox Gary is like the traffic controller for GEN WHO getting the Plane off the runway and back onto the ground with his enthusiasm and grounded nature. A Bass player for over two decades, he is a pleasure to hear as he thunders through Who Masterpieces playing the roll of John Entwistle. Wolf, playing the part of longtime Who member: “Rabbit“, creates the synthesizer loops, gospel organ climaxes and twinkling keys which sophisticate the overall sonic quality. He helps with amazing vocal harmonies and extra guitar rhythm when necessary. WOLF performed in a band with Roger Daltrey at a rehearsal and subsequent Private Party in LA. Click here for photos of WOLF and DALTREY LIVE


Blair Macdonald aka NEW MOONNew MoonNew Moon Playing the roll of Rock’s greatest drummer Keith Moon is a treat for NEW MOON who rises to the challenge and shines under the stage lights. He keeps impeccable time and plays with incredible, bombastic power.

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